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GOLDEN Guitar winner Amber Lawrence is about to release the most mature album of her career, Happy Ever After. Delving into dark places she's not trawled before, the 12-track Happy Ever After, is not all about fairy tales – it's a whole lot of positivity with a strong dose of reality that life is never perfect.

“I think all my albums have been written through the eyes of a 17-year-old and have been really hopeful, but it's time to start looking at my life through the eyes of a woman in her thirties,” the singer-songwriter said. “It's real life. It's a positive album, but I'm also saying there are hard times that we go through. If you take it one day at a time you can have your happy ever after.”

With Shane Nicholson in the production seat (ARIA and Golden Guitar Winner), Happy Ever After comes from a place where the 2015 Female Artist of the Year and CMC Oz Artist of the Year is so comfortable that she made the album she wanted to make – a reflective album, an honest album with integrity. The songs are carried on a bed of modern and fresh country music that allows Lawrence's vocals to shine without over-production impeding, giving the listener space to connect with the lyrics.

This is Lawrence's fifth studio album and her third release in the past 12 months. Most artists believe in releasing an album every two years, but the hard working singer-songwriter has released her live album Hometown Girl, children's album The Kid's Gone Country and rounded it off with Happy Ever After in the past 12 months. She credits her hardworking nature to having spent 9 years working in the corporate world before ‘throwing it all in’ to become a full time singer. “I work hard because I know how lucky I am, I have the world’s best job, and I never take that for granted.”

For an artist who wants to be the one people think of when they think 'Australian country music', Lawrence is headed in the right direction to create her own Happy Ever After. Positive, deep, dark, light and mature, Happy Ever After is out September 30 and available for pre-order now.

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