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One of Australia’s most legendary vocalists, Glenn Shorrock, has signed a solo deal with independent label, Social Family Records. His first album in many years, Rise Again, is set and ready to go, slated for release on Friday, 9 September and available for pre-order from 5 August.

“It’s been awhile, due in part to my infamous ‘writers block’ period, but welcome to my latest musical offering! This new album is made up largely of compositions written by myself and a few of my colleagues, old and new. It began as an EP, but grew with a little help from my friends, who all have different personalities – and the songs do too!” – Glenn Shorrock

After the contentiousness surrounding LRB in recent years, Shorrock has written about the predicament of being part of the long running LRB saga, in the first track released from the album as a free download to his fans. Hear My Voice is another – and final – reaction to the events of previous years, and is a teaser to what follows.

Hear My Voice starts off with these telling lyrics in the first verse:

“I don’t care who is right or wrong
You’ve got my name, but I’ve still got my song
I don’t care what you might call me
Hear my voice and you will know me.”

The signing itself was an easy decision for SFR and Golden Robot Entertainment’s President & Founder, Mark Alexander-Erber, a long time collector of memorabilia and fan of Glenn’s and the Little River Band. Included in the vast collection is an original copy of the 1987 agreement LRB signed in the USA with MCA Records, seeing them hit the big time. “Signing Glenn Shorrock to Social Family Records was a no brainer for me. I’m very excited to have one of my all time favourites on board.”

01 Hear My Voice
02 The Wood & The Wire
03 Rise Again
04 Emperors Clothes
05 Stick Up Your Finger
06 Trouble
07 Slice Of Heaven
08 Make A Difference
09 Candlelight Moon
10 Blissful Oblivion

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