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In June 2016, Hunter Adams debut EP, Chrysalis, was released digitally via iTunes. It’s about love – what you learn from it, but even moreso, how to be without it.

After a stint in New Orleans in 2012 and touring Australia with the likes of Steve Balbi and Damien Leith, Hunter took some down time. She got lost in the mountains, took up surfing, lost herself, and fell in love. Then, after months and months of hibernating in a studio completing the EP and inking a deal with independent label, Social Family Records, Chrysalis was ready to be revealed to the world.

Hunter’s debut single video, Fool of Me, also released in June 2016, includes an enticing 360° version. It portrays the enigmatic and charismatic Adams, in the true story of a girl trying on drastically different personalities in order to become somebody she believes others could love.

“There’s a little bit of me in each of these people, but none of them are completely the right fit. The idea is that ultimately we don’t live in a world of absolutes, and all of these characters – despite their differences – are singing the same song; telling the same story,” says Hunter Adams. “All of them are me, yet none of them are me. The video is a microcosm of self-realisation, where I learned that the only person I can be, at the end of it all, is myself. And I’m never any one version at any one time.”

01 Fool of Me
02 October 20
03 Get Mad
04 How Do I Know
05 The One That Got Away

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