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GENRES: Rock, Adult Contemporary



Steve Balbi has lived a remarkable life. His is the sort of story that sells books, and shifts movie tickets. It’s a tale of incredible highs and rare lows, a rock ‘n’ roll reality with all the trappings that come with being a familiar face from one of Australia’s biggest bands of the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. It’s a tale of excess. Of reinvention. Of surviving, and thriving.
Steve Balbi has walked the line. And his story is now being told in Balbi’s own way – through music. The former Noiseworks bass player and Electric Hippies frontman, has released his first solo album, “Black Rainbow.” It’s a work that reflects on where he’s come from, and where he’s going.

Why did it take Balbi so long to go it alone musically? “The easy answer to that and probably the untruthful one is that I always saw myself as a band guy. The real truth to that is fear. Fear of standing alone. Fear of failure. If a band didn’t work, or didn’t make a good recording, there were always other elements (to blame). This record and what I do now, if it’s no good, it’s (down to) me. I’ve learned that the real joys I get these days is from taking risks.”

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