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Suze DeMarchi has signed a multi-album solo deal with Social Family Records and will release 'Home' on Friday 24 July 2015.

The new studio includes a collection of familiar songs about “home”, originally recorded by a diverse set of artists such as The Clash, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Sheryl Crow, Adele, Ryan Adams and more. Putting her own unique sound to each song, Suze DeMarchi has teamed up with some other Aussie legends, including Jimmy Barnes, Russell Morris, Diesel, Tex Perkins, Dallas Frasca, and the album’s producer, Shane Nicholson.

'Home' is made up of songs that have been close to Suze DeMarchi’s heart on her journey around the world and back home to Australia.

“Home was always on my mind. I’ve always been drawn to stories about home, and love many songs about home that resonate with me now as much as they did during the years I was away. To celebrate my journey I’ve recorded an album of these songs, with some friends, and with those I admire.”

A slight departure from her rock roots with the Baby Animals, and with the unlikely and ultimately perfect pairing of Shane Nicholson on production, 'Home' is delivered with the same passion that has earned Suze DeMarchi her iconic status in the Australian music history books.

"Home is where my roots lie, where my folks are, where my history remains, where the air is sweet, where my friends reside and where I kiss the ground when I step off that plane.”

1 Our House Feat. Russell Morris
2 Come Home
3 Home (West Coast version)
4 Hometown Glory
5 Get Home
6 Home (East Coast version)
7 The Letter Feat. Tex Perkins
8 The House is Rockin’ Feat. Jimmy Barnes and Diesel
9 Safe European Home Feat. Dallas Frasca
10 Homeless Feat. Mick Skelton
11 Home Feat. Shane Nicholson (Collector's Edition version only)

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