Christine Anu Celebrates Two Decades With New Album ReStylin’ Up 20 Years

May 10, 2015 8:53 pm

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On this momentous year that marks 20 years since her iconic debut album STYLIN’ UP was released, Christine Anu will release a new live album that pays homage to the songs and the album that started her illustrious music career. RESTYLIN’ UP 20 YEARS, recorded live at the famed 301 Studios in Sydney in early 2015, will be released on 19th June through Social Family Records.

The tracklisting features the body of the original album plus two songs that did not appear on the 1995 album.  RESTYLIN’ UP 20 YEARS includes the big hit singles PARTY and COME ON and the iconic song that has defined Christine’s career, ISLAND HOME.  “It was one of those wonderful chances in life, that this song came to me and I was given permission record it.  But I knew, even back then, that this song was always going to resonate with the Australian people.  This song was always meant to be out there in the Australian heart and mind.  I am just fortunate that it was me that was chosen to be the vehicle to deliver it and I am enormously proud of it,” said Christine.

ReStylin' Up 20 Years

One of the tracks that did not appear on Stylin’ Up is KULBA YADAY.  Originally the B-Side for the single release of ISLAND HOME, it is a song particular special to Christine and one that she was determined to see appear on an album with her name on it. “KULBA YADAY unfortunately did not make it onto the original album but it was always a song I wanted to be part of Stylin’ Up.  It is written in KKY (Kalaw Kawaw Oya) language and is a song of lament.  It speaks of sadness that we are losing our oral culture and the stories that have been passed on from generation to generation.  This wonderful song came to me in a dream and was written with a cultural elder and family member and is a very special song to me.  Partly because it is sung in language but also because it speaks to my Torres Strait Islander heritage which I am enormously proud of.”

Christine has announced a series of tour dates that celebrate this 20th anniversary.  The Stylin’ Up 20th Anniversary tour celebrates the songs from this album and many more that have been part of her career.

RESTYLIN’ UP 20 YEARS was produced by Steve Balbi (Noiseworks)  and features Jak Housden (Guitars), Dario Bortolin (Bass), Lachlan Doley (Keys) Pete Drummond (Drums), Mindy Kwanten (Backing Vocals).


Available to pre-order now via JB-HiFi, Sanity, ABC Stores, iTunes and the SFR Store.

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